Day One As A New Manager

Getting a promotion to managerial level is a big moment. Getting settled into the new role can be challenging. Here are a few things to do on the first day as manager.

Be prepared to start

New managers need to arrive for the first day prepared and ready to manage as if they’ve been doing it forever. Be willing and able to hit the ground running. Do not assume things will slow down now that you’re in a managerial role. It will not. Additionally, much more will be expected of you.

Approach everyone

Your reports will be anxious to meet you. Be sure to greet everyone and speak with each of them. You can do a quick meet and greet to learn their name and position, but also arrange a time to talk with them at a later time to get more information and details. Remember that while work requirements will come quickly, being a manager doesn’t allow you the luxury of keeping your head down all day. Talk to people early, so they feel comfortable speaking to you when it is necessary.

Remember to listen

While you will want to talk to your team, it’s also important to listen to the members of the team and provide them an avenue to give feedback.

Be open to learning

The first day is a significant learning experience. Take the opportunity to soak up as much information as possible. Get insight into the role of each team member within the department and how the team functions overall. Also, note which employees to approach specific tasks.

Find a mentor

In stepping into a manager role, think of managers who influenced you. Having a mentor is a valuable tool. Find a trusted source of guidance inside or outside of the organization as you take this new step in your career. When you do, inquire about their transitional period. Ask questions about how they earned trust and respect and took hold of their leadership role.

Focus on people over tasks

You’ll likely have a lot put on your plate. While you may be tempted to get right to work, don’t jump to giving orders and assigning tasks. While the work is important, don’t let tasks overshadow people. Developing relationships in the workplace essential. If you’ve been promoted within the company, relationships you’ve made are likely to shift and can be difficult for some people. The first day as a manager is an excellent opportunity to begin cultivating relationships in a new way.

Recognize your role

Yes, now you are the boss. It’s important, however, that you recognize that you still have a boss. The way you manage your department is important to him or her. Connect with your boss on the first day to make sure you are aligned with expectations and be sure to address any concerns. It’s always better to put yourself in a position of addressing any issues early on.