Monthly Feature

February 2020 – Resilience

Resilience can take on many different meanings to many different people. Resilience is about “bouncing back” from life’s challenges, the ability to adapt to situations around you, especially in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or stress. It’s recognizing that your strengths can help you endure and that you have the capability to approach life’s challenges head on. Ultimately, resilience is the ability to overcome challenges in your life while becoming a more powerful individual.

Qualities of being resilient:

  • Have a Positive Attitude –One key element of resilience is understanding that not everything will always go as planned and finding opportunities within the problem to stay positive. Instead of getting down on yourself and being dejected, tell yourself that things will get better and that everything is going to be okay. A more positive attitude in life can help you reduce stress, be more motivated and improve your overall wellbeing.
  • Fight the Victim Mentality –Having the mentality that everything and everyone is out to get us can lead to anxiety and a lack of self-confidence. An example of this type can be blaming your superiors for passing you up on a promotion. Instead of focusing on the negative, change your mentality to analyze how you can improve your performance for the next opportunity for a promotion.
  • Find Power in Every Situation – Your own ‘personal power’ is a combination of your self-confidence, your personal experience and your own mental, emotional and physical strength. All these powerful strengths that you’ve acquired over the years do not suddenly go away when things get tough. Tap into your strengths and you’ll find yourself being more confident and resilient when things get tough.
  • Learn from Mistakes – Like having a positive attitude and fighting off that victim’s mentality, understanding what mistakes you have made along the way and then using that to improve yourself and overcome the difficulties in your life is the essence of resilience.



To learn more ‘Building Resilience’ watch the video below.